Apr 6, 2010

Philosophical Phun - Intuitionism :o)

Conditions for believing a proposition.
  • Clarity - clear understanding of the concepts and practical consequences of the belief
  • Reflection - after thorough review, you accept based on facts, not social pressures or emotions.
  • Consistency - you can not also believe the opposite could be possible (don't know or are unsure)
  • Consensus - consensus adds justification, whereas disagreement undermines it.

 I find it interesting to try and take these conditions of belief, and running politics, religion, and ________ [you fill in the blank] through this filter. It becomes very interesting that because there is not consistency, then those on extreme ends of their beliefs start to employ various techniques to increase consensus, usually at the expense of the first three conditions.


  1. extremists are incapable of looking at the argument from the opposition's point of view which is like the key to passing debate 101: anticipate what the other person is gonna say and then counter intelligently....... that's why it's so easy to work them into a lather- they can't argue their for or against beliefs in the context of someone else's line of logic.


    that pic of the thinker is from outside the DIA on woodward!

  2. If you could reason with fanatics, there would be no fanatics. (not my quote - I found that somewhere long ago)

  3. Hello!! Im new to your blog!!! Laine x


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