Apr 14, 2010

Helicopter Drone Update

A week or so ago, I posted about these drones, and at the time it seemed more conceptual than real.
Guess I did not read the fine print :o)

Drug runners and pirates beware: a Navy helicopter drone made its first official drug bust on April 3. The U.S. Navy Fire Scout stealthily tailed a "go-fast" boat suspected of carrying narcotics for three hours, and captured video of the boat's refueling rendezvous with a fishing vessel. Not a bad outcome for started as a "routine test flight," according to Navy reports.

The quiet drone surveillance eventually allowed the guided-missile frigate USS McInerney and its detachment of U.S. Coast Guard law enforcement to move in for the seizure. The drug runners dumped perhaps 440 pounds into the water, but the Navy ship still nabbed about 132 pounds.



  1. LOL... guess the project was closer to being implemented than let on!!

  2. And I'm focusing on things dumped in the ocean. What's this doing to everything that lives there including the seafood we eat? Neat about those drones.

  3. OOOH that is interesting. Laine xxxxx

  4. Drones of this kind, are taking many forms now, helping agencies collect data and information or manipulate something remotely or in curcumstances humanity has troubling surviving in. I would imagine their uses will only multiply and make there way into lees dangerous situations and into our everyday lives.


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