Feb 9, 2010

Science Scene - Deep Sea Tourism???

Billionaire Sir Richard Branson enjoys promoting the future of space tourism and encouraging biofuel development. And if you're very lucky (or wealthy), he'll let you take his prototype submersible called the "Necker Nymph" out for a spin.

The carbon-fiber submarine resembles an underwater airplane with "wind shields" that remove slipstream pressure, and incorporates fighter jet technology and "wings" to move up or down. Branson eventually hopes to explore depths of 35,000 feet, or greater than the height of Mount Everest. But the $669,000 vehicle designed by Hawkes Ocean Technologies can only currently dive to 130 feet.  Guests on Branson's Necker Island hideaway can supposedly hire out the Nymph for $25,000 a week to check out dolphin pods or catch a glimpse of shipwrecks.  Full article here.
A tad out of my price range, but it would be absolutely awesome :o)


  1. Note to self: don't tell my Dad!

  2. Well out of our price range too. Stan would love it though!


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