Feb 19, 2010

AOL AIM and Facebook now compatible?

Last week, AOL announced that it is letting Facebook into the AIM ecosystem and allowing users on either network to chat across with users on the other. This is a major outreach for AOL, since it has historically been reticent with outside contact.  I think this is a result of AOL being spun off from parent Time Warner.

The AOL AIM version (7.2) that makes it possible is still in beta, and is available for download here. Users can click on the "Facebook Connect" button on top of the buddies list and set up the chat. Once you do that, your friends on Facebook will appear as buddies on AIM, along with their status. Facebook users can chat with AIM users using an application from the web-based Facebook interface.


  1. Uh-oh... The last person to write about this got more than they bargained for from a boatload of really lost and angry Facebook users.


    The comments, man... It took me a bit to figure out what was going on, but once I did, I had tears in my eyes.

    Anyway, as for this feature, I think Facebook is abandoning its chat (IM) client. It's never been a functional feature, and I think they're drooling over AIM because it just works a hell of a lot better, and the AOL folks can handle whatever maintenance and issues spring up.

    But, you are right. AOL has become something of a piecemeal operation as it shuttles off bits of its old environment to whomever has a use for it. I think it will be a very good move for both though. AOL needs the users and Facebook needs the chat client.

  2. Hi Ken,
    You're right, AOL has been reticient in the past about this and for good reason (competitors had been trying to force them into making AIM 'interoperable' ... in other words, giving up an edge). Times have changed, however, and I'll bet AOL can gain a lot by offering this functinality with Facebook.

  3. No, even that won't tempt me back to AOL...

  4. Very Interesting.........AOL has been slacking in so many areas. I loved AOL.


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