Feb 26, 2010

Leadership Quick Tip :o)

When faced with a challenge, effective leaders resist rushing forward with “The Answer.” Instead, they often look for ways to buy themselves a little time so that they can think about the most sensible way to proceed.

Adapted From Leading Quietly, Joseph Badaracco, Jr., Harvard Business School Press, 2002.


  1. I like what Sun Tzu said about what makes a good leader...

    An average leaders says, "I did it".

    The good leader says, "They did it."

    The best leader, the men say that "We did it".

    Or thereabouts!! But the point is made!!

  2. Hi Ken,
    This makes sense as a rule ... it usually makes sense to take a step back, think things through and get feedback from the team.

  3. ....or to see if someone else will do it for them....ha


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