Feb 13, 2010

No "Cocktale" Sausages Here :o)

It's easy to see how Apple might have overlooked this, what with their headquarters located in a place with 60 degree days in February, but anyone from colder climates knows that you can't operate an iPhone with gloves on. In South Korea, they have figured out a way around this problem using the best tool possible: encased pork products.

Yes, South Koreans have beat the cold by using snack sausages as ersatz iPhone styluses. The touch screen on an iPhone, and iPod Touch, utilizes the electrical conductivity of your finger to locate the input. The device can't sense that conductivity through a glove. However, this tasty meat treat has the same conductivity as human flesh, so the iPhone registers its touch a if it were a finger.

Original post at PopSci.


  1. Wow! I never really thought about the glove not working. I guess I'd have to own one to know this. Interesting read. Thanks for the post.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. I have an itouch, but no sausages..I figure if it's cold enough to have gloves on, I'm busy trying to keep warm and not too concerned with changing songs..course if it was the iphone that might be different...either way, the sausage wouldn't last long enough for me to use..

  3. Sausages! Too funny.....I probably would be taking bites in between! LOL

  4. Never thought of that since I almost never wear gloves.

  5. Pretty smart there! Plus if you get hungry you have something to eat also!

  6. WOW
    I never thought about this problem. Well that customer is making the best of the situation.


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