Apr 24, 2009

Paperless Billing - Go Green :o)

We are trying our best to go more and more to on-line billing. We currently send out less than six regular payments through the USPS every month. It is just part of what we do to lessen our carbon footprint. What follows is a recent campaign by my company to encourage paperless billing. I hope each and every one of you will strive to make your payments electronically :o)

American Electric Power customers who enroll in the paperless billing program over the next two months will help the environment while saving time and money. I am pleased to announce that AEP and our paperless billing partner, Fiserv, will contribute $1 to the Arbor Day Foundation for every customer who enrolls during April and May. The funds will be used for reforestation projects in AEP’s service territory. Our customers who choose paperless billing find they save time and money, in addition to making a positive environmental contribution. Those who enroll in April and May will make an even greater impact with the planting of trees in our service territory.

Our customers who receive paperless bills saved approximately 89 tons of paper, 2,072 trees, 200,000 pounds of solid waste, 500,000 pounds of greenhouse gases and 1.6 million gallons of wastewater in 2008, based on the Environmental Defense Fund Paper Calculator. I encourage those employees and contractors served by AEP who have not signed up for paperless billing to consider doing so during this campaign.

We have been paying electonically for years, so we have done our part. How about you?


  1. We only make one payment through the mail (orthodontia). Everything else is done paperless.

  2. The numbers add up to an amazing amount. I hope more people go this route!

  3. LOL you had a voice come on just like Beths blog scared me earlier last week!
    I'm all about online bill paying. It's probably the first thing I ask for when confronted with any sort of bill. I hate getting bills in the snail mail just so I can call in, or go online to pay for it. Seems such a silly waste. I think everyone should call all the places that bills them and switch over to paper-less systems~

  4. Hi Ken,
    I go paperless for most things but am pretty careful about bill-paying ... don't want too many different sources having "hooks" into my checking account.

  5. Yes, paying bills online saves a lot of money at the end of the year on postage stamps alone.

    I believe in going GREEN! I don't use chemicals to clean my house anymore either....no more paper towels. My steam machine cleans my house.

    Hugs, Rose

  6. All our bills are paperless. The only USPS we mail are cards. Can't say the last time I bought stamps!

  7. We still get our water bill through the mail. I don't think they even offer paperless billing. And we pay all of our bills either in person, online, or over the phone.

  8. I definitely have to start going paperless. I just can't seem to make the leap.

  9. I don't even own a stamp. Absolutely nothing goes out of here by mail anymore. AND all but one of my bills comes via email. Also, my pay stubs for my retirement are sent electronically. Soooo, I guess I do my part.
    Hugs, Joyce

  10. I too have been paying on line for years and receive paperless billings. I find it is much easier than mailing and just thinking of the saved paper makes me smile!!! Well done to you & Beth and for bringing this to everyones attention too.

  11. I like not having to remember to buy stamps.


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