Apr 2, 2009

Cuy: It's what was not our dinner :o)

So, based on some of the comments received, I felt the need for a follow-up entry. First, did I get you, a little LOL :o)

It was an April Fools for us, we did not really BBQ one of those cute little fellows - we stick with cow, pig, and chicken parts :o)

However, this really is cuisine in South America. To follow the link to the original Nature Conservancy post, click here.


  1. thank goodness..............

  2. It looks too much like Groundy, our resident groundhog, who is out of hibernation, by the way. He was on the front deck tonight. I could never eat Groundy.


  3. LOL... yeup I feel for it hook line and sinker. Good prank, Ken. :)

  4. Ken:

    I'm behind on entries, but that was Very Funny! I got a big laugh out of the hoax, I was going to do an entry similar to Orson Wells. But I was just too lazy! :)

  5. This entry made me laugh again. I confess that you got me for about 30 seconds but then I realized it was April 1 and that you were just fooling! In my neck of the woods, a pig pickin' is a major event, and the whole pig, heaed and all is served up, so I am accustomed to heving my food look at me!

  6. Okay, i'm going over to find out what this is about LOL. Hugs, Teresa


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