Apr 24, 2009

Happy Arbor Day :o)

Happy Arbor Day! Happy Arbor Day? Sadly overshadowed now by Earth Day, Arbor Day (celebrated in the United States on the last Friday in April) is almost forgotten in the green blogosphere today. Still, why not plant a tree and connect with one of the original American ways of making Earth a little greener?

Arbor Day is a holiday in which individuals and groups are encouraged to plant trees. Arbor Day originated in Nebraska City, Nebraska [who would have thunk?] and is celebrated in a number of countries.

We buy trees from our County Soil and Water Conservation District, this year getting five each of Black Walnut, River Birch, and White Pine. Today will be a great day to plant them, and that is exactly what we plan on doing.

Hope your slide into the weekend is a good one :o)


  1. I must admit to not having heard of Arbor Day but it certainly seems like a great idea.

  2. Never heard of "Arbor Day" but agree it is a very good idea ~ Ally x

  3. Oh Good Grief I totally forgot. I do however have plans on planting a few pine trees over the next month. (Hugs)Indigo

  4. In grade school, we used to have a tree planting ceremony each year. :)

  5. I don't have any trees to plant on our property, but Eler Beth and I bought a bunch of other things to plant this weekend. (Wish I did have room to put out more trees though!)

  6. We buy a few hundred saplings each year and put them all over the farm, mostly in the woods since the idiot who owned it prior to us timbered it. It is coming in nicely but it is such a shame to see the huge trees they cut down and just left lay - it makes me sick. Planting the saplings is my way of giving back to the woods.


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