Apr 29, 2009

Bad Sheeba Poetry - Hide And Go Seek :o)

Although I am only a lowly Kitty,

Hanging here under the Laundry,

I love to play a game,

At times it drives Mom insane,

I pretend I am not here,

Stupid humans walk by, oh dear,

What I really want is to take a peek,

As my humans, for me they pretend to seek.


  1. You weren't kidding about the poetry. Easily forgiven for it's cuteness and a picture of Sheeba. (Hugs)Indigo

  2. Yay! It's the return of Bad Sheeba Poetry! It's been way too long. :)

  3. You're a poet! A good one, too!

  4. Let me see, can I relate to living with a bad kitty? Yes, I can feel it, deeply. The bad poetry, I do keep to myself :-), not all of us have your courage. Although I long for my Briege to be a Libertarian like me, I think in reality she is more a Bill Clinton type of cat: All promise & no accountability.


  5. What a beautiful cat :) Sheba reminds me of my Heathen. I really like the Poem :) Beth, you have a bard in love with you :) You lucky Dame...I would say Damsel but you aren't a Damsel anymore lolol You're married!! Sheesh...Ken, you are a great Bard. Hugs, Teresa

  6. Hi Ken,
    Better that Sheeba wants to take a peek than take a leak ... under the circumstances!

  7. Look at those amazing eyes!

    Hugs, Rose


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