Mar 15, 2009

Sunday Silliness - Demotivation

Sometimes the best solution to morale problems is just to fire all of the unhappy people.


  1. Oh Ken, I loooove this one! I wish it were PC for me to hang this one in our break room at work. It drives me crazy how a certain few seem to be so miserable in their job and seem to be on a mission to make sure everyone else hates their job as much as they do. The energy they spend complaining and making others miserable boggles the mind. But you know what, I bet they wouldn't even "get it" if they saw this poster.

  2. Every workplace has a Debbie Downer!

  3. I agree......I recall so many people just pulling everyone down with their miserable unhappy attitudes!

    I love upbeat or play.

    Hugs, Rose

  4. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


    ken this is the best one yet! enjoy your sunday, hope it is as nice down for y'all as it is here!


  5. That is soo true! It is amazing how much morale improves with all the malcontents gone!!

  6. As a manager, I *cough* sort of wanted to take that way out a few times...... those death spiral folks. I don't miss that part of work AT ALL. ~Mary

  7. Hi Ken,
    I'd laugh if I didn't know of at least five companies that seem to have taken this exact approach!


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