Mar 5, 2009

Stock Broker Hell :o)

For the first eight years with my current company, I was at our local headquarters location (25 minute drive vs. 45 minute drive to plant). Lately, I have been spending more time in the office that I still maintain there.

So today, while at my desk, the phone rings from an outside number.... I innocently answer, and #*$^& if it is not a stock broker looking to score. After I politely explained that I have an online stock account, and that we are soon going to help my Mom move to be near us, and after he mentioned that he was just a good ole Jewish boy, I stated that I am not interested in buying Bank Of America stock at the moment.

His angry response was "Is it because I am Jewish". I bruised my chin as my jaw dropped and bounced several times off of my desk. I calmly replied that there was no reason to be "rude", and he replied that he was not being rude, just being "real".

I guess the trends we are reading about recently where customer is King does not apply to the battered and tattered investment community. So, good riddance you sleaze ball.


  1. Ugh! He tried using his own heritage for a sympathy guilt trip. How utterly sleezy. That's like me calling someone up and saying you owe for all the land and anguish Native Americans have suffered. You can't play that hand, there is just something so unbalance by that...(Hugs)Indigo

  2. My jaw dropped, too, when you told me about that. (I believe my exact comment was, "Are you shitting me?!") I honestly can't believe the guy was so antagonistic, and accused you of being discriminatory because you said you didn't have need of his financial services. Unbelievable.


  3. HUH?? Where did that come from? Desperate people do desperate things. That is just plain ugly all the way around!

  4. That was weird ... I mean where did THAT come from?

  5. Mighty defensive wasnt he? People will do anything to sell stuff, and then when you dont buy into their deal, they get all huffy. Strange fellow for sure.

  6. WOW! How rediculous can they get? Sounds like you handled it though. I think I would have just hung up on him.
    Hugs, Joyce

  7. Uh ... maybe he just had a tough day? Still, some people are just so pushy, and it's especially true in this line of business.

  8. I hate when ever people use "whatever card" I would like to tell them no it is because you are just a jerk............

  9. You should have told him that it was not his heritage, it was because he was an asshole.


  10. Oh my.....what a stupid, stupid man!

    Proud of the way you handled the situation.

    Jimmy is right, that guy is an asshole! LOL

    Hugs, Rose


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