Mar 3, 2009

Strategic Thinking Days :o)

The past few days have been very refreshing, a win-win type of thing.

First, I have had to only go to our design offices the last two days, eliminating 40 miles round trip. That is the first "win".

Second, a team of five of us have spent numerous hours on developing our long range and strategic planning input process. Basically, figuring out how our processes need to be modified to "feed" the beast.

The part that is the second "win" is that we have spent more than six hours in the past two days focusing on the process and how we do things better to come up with a 5-10 year plan for our station. It is very refreshing and, in a sense, inspirational.

So, my wish to you is that you have the time to think about your future, and spend the appropriate amount of time to actually plan for it :o)


  1. Cool that you've had a chance to focus on what you love doing at work, the long-range planning. Yay!


  2. Gee I just realized you have 75 followers. You must have been doing the right thing. Keep it up.

  3. Always good to not only have a vision, but the steps on how to get there. Kudos to you, your team and your company!

  4. A thought out plan with long term goals? Are you sure you're a business in America? (smile) Thats smart business any way you slice and dice it~

  5. No doubt, the best way to have a good future is to plan for the future you want.

  6. I am always saying "make a list". Do they do it? No and they wonder why they're confused.

  7. I used to do a lot of planning but since I retired I have turned into a one-day-at-a-time kind of person. And I think that's OK for someone my
    Hugs, Joyce

  8. Having a plan is always good and keeps a mind at ease. I am glad you are having a smooth time of it. :) Its always nice to have things go right.


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