Mar 25, 2009

Science Scene - Bombproof Wallpaper

This entry was inspired by a brief article in the April 2009 Popular Science Magazine.

Franklin, MA - Berry Plastics Corporation, the industry's leading manufacturer of flexible films and tapes, has introduced X-FLEX Blast Protection System, an innovative, peel-and-stick solution that is designed specifically to absorb energy and mitigate debris hazards during a significant blast event.

Developed through a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) between the Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) of the US Army Corp of Engineers and Engineered Protective Systems of Berry Plastics Corporation, this new stretch-and-catch system uses the technology of elastomeric material to retrofit walls and greatly enhance the ability to mitigate secondary debris hazards associated with blast loads.

U.S. Troops might soon be protecting their bunks with these bombproof sheets of peel-and-stick plastic. These sheets are a composite tape made from polyurethane reinforced with aramid, a heat-resistant fiber used in body armor. Soldiers simply slap the 1/5 inch thick adhesive sheets to their walls, rendering them able to withstand shrapnel and small explosions.


  1. Is it kind of like pantyhose for walls? ;)

    Seriously, how amazing that something so thin can provide so much protection.

  2. Well, OK, if you want to wear 1/5" pantyhose :o)

  3. If you'd try to limit the shrapnel around your house, maybe Beth wouldn'nt have to consider polyester aramid panty hose. :-)

  4. Hi Ken,
    Fascinating ... let's send some to the Oval Office.

  5. I want to know how it is that man can invent THIS and still can't make a wallpaper that resists kids fingerprints!

  6. If it helps to protect our Troops then this is a wonderful idea ~ Ally x

  7. Wow didn't know those bomb proof plastic sheets existed. CAn you send me some for Mafia wars. LoL. I got the explanation email you sent about the mafia wars trading. I have saved it and will read it when I have time to play with that part of the program. Have a nice evening.


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