Feb 7, 2009

Precious Art or Scrap Metal ???

When we went to visit my Mom over Thanksgiving, she asked us if we could try and get some money for her turquoise jewelry that she no longer wears. We replied that we would be happy to do that for her.

So today, after we took care of Cousin Shane's kitties, we headed to a local Coin & Precious Metal shop. We also brought some of our own personal gold jewelry (previous marriage crap :o) that we have had sitting around for the past decade.

The man who owns the store was very knowledgeable. There were several customers ahead of us, and it was interesting to see how he could tell just by looking at a piece if it contained gold/silver or not. It was also intesting to see the gun in a holster at the small of his back every time he turned around. He had an electronic lock releaser to let people into the store. Not a business for the faint hearted.

When it was out turn, he even accepted a gold crown of mine that had come out [thanks Sugar Daddy], and he stated that he would just use a hammer to get the composite dental material off of the crown itself.

The results of our trip were mixed.

Our gold crap netted us $146, with two rings (woman's engagement ring and men's wedding band) not part of the mix. He did not want to take those two rings because they both have diamonds, and he stated that we would do better to sell them at a jewelry store where they would want the diamond, than to sell them just for the gold content. So that was an interesting little tidbit.

The main purpose of the trip was to try and sell my Mom's jewelry to help her finance their move from Springfield Missouri up here to South Bend. So, take a guess at how much we could get for the ensemble pictured here.....[pause while you look at the picture, pull out your calculator, head over to E-Bayfor a price check, go to the bathroom, and so on......].

Turns out that the necklace is considered costume jewelry (real turquoise, but no silver). The two rings and bracelet are sterling silver. He would have given us a whopping $6.37. I think I will not share with my Mom what they were willing to offer.

So, I will be venturing into the world of E-Bay. While we were there, I pulled out a piece of paper that contained the results of on-line research that I had done. New, at a Native American jewelry store, the pictured collection would be about $1200, and on e-bay, maybe about $200. He collects a lot of this type of jewelry for the precious metal value, but was very intrigued about the chance to earn even more by selling it on E-Bay. He asked if he could make a copy of my paper, and I gladly acquiesed. He said, "Don't worry, I will wait a couple of weeks so you can sell yours first."

Overall, a positive and educational little sojourn today.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend :o)


  1. You have to be careful with the Indian jewelry online. Quite a bit of the turquoise is faux. The real Turqoise would net a sizeable sum. The silver is never of much value, it's the stones. Paul brought me a thick bracelet like the one shown here (the design on the silver etching was unusual). If it's authentic you won't walk away for less than a $100. I won't say how much he's spent on a few pieces for me *winks* after all it is online. I hope you have some luck selling the items. (Hugs)Indigo

  2. The figure of a net of $100 was for the bracelet alone. (Hugs)Indy

  3. when i pawned my 'promise ring' from the ex i got a whopping 20 bucks. (insert your witty or ironic comment here)


  4. I should point out that Sugar Daddy usually has a different meaning to women. You are talking here about the chewy, delicious candy instead.

    That really was interesting today. The guy sure knew his business, and I appreciated his expertise.

    Good to finally get rid of that crap. And the jewelry, too! Hahaha!


  5. I hope you do well on Ebay. It looks like a nice set. I was quite a bit higher on my guess.

    I am also really happy Beth explained Sugar Daddy in her comment.

  6. I used to love Sugar Daddy's...until they got stuck in my teeth! Pure sugar, I think. Informational trip...learn something new every day!

  7. Thanks for the explanation, Beth... I was pretty sure that KEN didn't have a Sugar daddy, but I was really confused!!! LOL!!! Good luck on eBay, Ken!!!

  8. Well, I got it straight away about the Sugar Daddy! And no, running that kind of shop is NOT for the faint of heart! But you have to think that those who are in it for the long haul, do enjoy the work, meeting the people and listening to the stories.

  9. I discovered very early on that when we purchase jewelry in a store, we are paying more for the craftsmanship than we are for the metals and/or gems. I hope you get a good price on e-bay.

  10. Hi Ken,
    Yikes ... who knows, maybe if you took those pieces on the ""Antiques Roadshow" they'd say that they were designed by someone famous and worth a fortune, or at least a lot more than $6.37!

  11. totally interesting entry. i hope your mom gets a lot of cash for her pretty jewelry. I love pawn shops. The two in my city also have locked doors where you have to be let in and everyone wears guns on them.

  12. That is very unique and beautiful jewelry of hers. I will be interested in seeing what you do end up getting for it. I am with Marty, who knows what the Antiques Roadshow would say it was worth! Might be pleasantly surprised..eh? Kelly

  13. $6.37...what an insult! EBay and the RoadShow are two places that would definitely bring more money than that............a lot more $$$.

    Keep us posted on the results.

    Hugs, Rose

  14. LOL I am glad I read Beth's comment cuz I really didn't get what Ken meant by Sugar Daddy till I read her comment! I need to see what I can get for my jewlery that I no longer wear too. Linda

  15. The scrap value of jewellery can be depressingly low, can't it... that turquoise you photo'd is beautiful, though...

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