Feb 12, 2009

Grand Obsession :o)

You can pick up some of the most interesting tidbits in the strangest places. The following bit of wisdom comes courtesy of the Winter 2009 edition of National Parks magazine, regarding observations of a writer (Nevada Barr) who spent eight days in the frozen tundra like environment of Northern Michigan (Isle Royal) during the winter with researchers investigating the habits of wolves and moose. Many hardships, no glamor, but lots of discussion of scat, urine, and animal habits.

The ability to focus on a single subject with an almost religious fervor put Nevada Barr in mind of an old adage: An expert is someone who learns more and more about less and less till he knows everything about nothing at all.

I found this adage thought provoking, reminding us to not let our fervor's consume us to the point that we are obsessed beyond that which might be considered healthy.


  1. Hi Ken,
    Thanks ... I guess I wouldn't mind knowing less and less about animal urine ... but to each their own!

  2. Are you talking about me? You're talking about me, aren't you? I'm not obsessed with anything. Seriously. I'm not.

  3. Obession? How would I ever get through the day without it? Does this mean I have to stop thinking? Oh my...lol... Seriously, good point made here: obsession is a waste of time and energy.

  4. The different aspects of this concept, is floating around me today ... sounds like this is a 'forest for the trees' kind of thing.

    It can be said that genius is also in knowing when 'enough is enough'.

  5. Okay, I admit to being obsessed with many things. I can't help myself.


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