Jan 27, 2013

Goodbye, for now, Bucko's World...

File:Goodbye Aloha.jpgAfter spending multiple hours today posting future blog entries from reviewing RSS feeds, I decided that the effort is futile.  All this work for few comments, and it is so much easier to click "Like" on my feeds and share with more people via Facebook.

Sometimes you need to check and adjust, and priorities change.  I need to focus on my new job as we just reorganized and I have more responsibilities.  In addition, I need to ensure the local project management chapter is ready for the next phase as my tenure as president comes to an end this year.

For those that have followed my travels, thank you.  

If you are not friends with me on Facebook, but would still like to get my various project management and technology posts, then please become my friend there.


I am not going to delete the blog at this time, but entries will be far and few between.


  1. I'll miss your posts. You posted so much interesting info. I'm not on FB but hopefully you'll decide to start blogging again. Good luck Ken!

  2. It is so much easier to share thoughts and comments on facebook, I find many of us blogging less and less. At least we still have a way to keep in touch! I've heard facebook and twitter and the ilk referred to as "microblogging"... I like that idea!

  3. I will miss the new inventive inovations, but take care and I hope the job continues to excite you and be full-filling making a great life.
    I will be waiting for fht few and far between entries.....

  4. i will miss the demotivators, but glad i can still see your wit on the bookface!


  5. I'm gonna miss Sunday Silliness!
    And the 'Green' posts.
    But, we still have Facebook!

  6. I always read it but comment less and less...and I've been updating my blog less and less..natural progression perhaps? Either way, it's been an honor to read your blog :)

  7. Ken, many of us will miss you being here regularly, but I can completely understand the thinking behind it. I'm just glad we can still connect in other ways. From what I understand, many bloggers are seeing less and less comments. Some attribute it to the new Blogger anti-spam methods, others just say it is a natural progression as many of us focus on other things, and yet others say that micro blogging systems like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. are where everyone will be eventually. Who knows? Probably a little of each. Stan and I will keep in touch!

  8. Yeah...you know I don't update very often anymore, either. I'll be your friend on Facebook. (heehee)

  9. I haven't been in the blog world for a couple weeks (so busy, taxes, too) so I'm just seeing that you're leaving. facebook is easier, but blog world is much more enjoyable in many ways. I think people are less thoughtful before hitting the post button on fb. I'll miss your interesting posts about things I otherwise would not know about or consider. I fb friend you.


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