Jan 9, 2013

Bread Mold - BeGone!

MicrozapNuked bread can last up to 60 days, according to the company, MicroZap, which spun off from Texas Tech University. Among wasted foods, bread is a major culprit, meeting its end in the garbage can once it becomes festooned with greenish growths of mold. This usually happens within 10 days of the bread being baked. MicroZap’s method kills the mold spores, keeping bread mold-free for two months and helping Americans reduce some of their food waste.

The equipment, which looks like a CT scanner for food, was originally developed to kill organisms like multi-resistant staph bacteria and salmonella. But its developers realized it also kills bread mold in about a 10-second zap. It works much like a home microwave, but the waves are produced in various frequencies, which allows for uniform heating, according to MicroZap CEO Don Stull.


  1. Don't let my chickens hear about this ~ they love my old bread!

  2. I had a dear friend who would eat nothing that had been near a micro wave. He died 5 yrs ago much younger than I. Many older folk worry about the 'nuke' in the kitchen. Amazing some education never takes hold.
    I look forward to this, we do lose bread at our house unless it is frozen.

  3. I want no part of any food that has been irradiated. I leaned years ago that although it makes the food last longer, it is only because you can't taste it. You can irradiate rancid meat and then eat it and not know it was rancid. As for bread, if find it goes stale long before it gets moldy.

    I bought some pig's ears for my dogs and then noticed they were irradiated, I returned them.


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