Jan 16, 2013

Get Organized!

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1. "For Now" (High Urgency & High Importance)
These issues are the ones that require immediate attention. They may include such things as major reports due tomorrow (or in an hour), or essential phone calls and emails. 

2. "For Later" (Medium Urgency & Medium Importance)
These issues do not require immediate attention, but should certainly be taken care of on a weekly basis. They may include tasks such as regular reporting, scheduled follow-up calls, and emails.
3. "Forever" (Low Urgency & High Importance)
These issues are usually held in high regard even though they occur infrequently. They may include tangible things such as important financial documents or intangible things like building relationships with co-workers, superiors, and clients.

4. "Forget" (Low Urgency & Low Importance)
These issues are irrelevant and only serve to waste your time or distract you from the really important issues. They may include such things as socializing too much at work, surfing the internet, and replying to a non-urgent email.

5. "In Doubt" (High Urgency & Low Importance)
The big question mark includes any outstanding issue which has not been placed into either one of the other four categories. If there are a large number of issues in this section, then important decisions need to be made as to where to move them. Only constant and improved decision-making will kickstart the process of cleaning out this section and working towards a more fulfilled life.

Source: PQC International

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