Nov 7, 2012

Let the Healing Begin

I am not one to gloat, so this will be all you see from me on this.  I am pleased that our President has been re-elected.  I hope that we can start to heal the divide that is so evident in our nation.  I hope that those of you that disagree can agree that we need to heal and come together, this election has surely shown that that is needed more than ever.


  1. It would be lovely for us to move together and make things work again, rather than being a country of us and them.
    I've heard from some in the GOP saying that maybe they made some mistakes being so anti-women and anti-LGBT, and maybe they can start looking forward, too.

  2. Not my choice, but the country has spoken. Imma hoping some sense can be made from our leaders, and face OUR situation. You are right. I can deal with it!

  3. Here, Here!! I am with you Ken. This is all about healing and moving forward and not whose side is the winner. If we don't move forward together, we all will lose...

  4. Off topic and not sure how to email you.

    I didn't know where to look for an answer and thought you might know.
    During the storm, transformers blew like crazy. If LIPA (long island power authority) had cut or reduced or asked customers to reduce power, would that have helped? I know they cut power in NYC to help the system and that made me wonder. Thanks.

  5. Very happy at the outcome (as you know!). Now let's see if Congress can start to WORK instead of OBSTRUCT.


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