Nov 3, 2012

Be a Better Boss

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5 ways to be a better boss
There isn’t one magical thing that defines a great boss but rather five proven, practical approaches anyone can apply:

Boost positivity and don’t inflict or spread emotional debris across the office. Learning to start agendas with the question “What’s going well?”

Allow each people to use their strengths as a means of boosting engagement and productivity.  Shape roles and responsibilities to which the team can be fully committed.

Cultivate good relationships among all team members so people feel valued, respected and motivated. Learn to take the time to actively and constructively ask questions  about how things are going — at work and outside of it — facilitates getting more done than by only focusing on getting the task done.

Provide context for team roles and connect the team to a sense of purpose that is larger than themselves. Providing clarity about why what we’re trying to achieve matters for the organization.

Appreciate each person’s effort and give this feedback in a frequent and timely manner. This allows employees to value their progress. This is often more energizing than any one-off bonus.


  1. Very good thoughts. Things every leader should think about! There are folks to which this comes natural, when it doesn't the leader must strive to make it happen.

  2. Well said! Some bosses need to take some classes for sure!


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