Nov 12, 2012

Change Resistance

File:Le Change entrée.jpg
Why do cultures resist change?  Because they are successful.

Why are they successful?  Because we hold onto practices that make us successful until they become habitual.

Why don't we try new practices?  Because it takes energy to learn a new habit.

Why do we need habits?  Because to compete successfully, we must able to instantly respond to the environment; we cannot take the time to think every time before acting. The faster we can react, the more likely we are to survive when confronted with danger.

When do we create new habits?  When we confront a situation where existing habits don't work, we conclude a new habit is needed, and we have enough time to create one.

Why does it take a long time to change habits?  Because if we change immediately every time we encounter a new environment, we will constantly spend energy on changing — energy that we need to survive. And whenever we encounter a new environment, our first reaction is fear. It has to be fear because before we take any action, we must ensure that we can survive. We use this fear to keep us safe.


  1. As a rule, I change when forced to, The fun in life has been when I changed because I wanted to.

  2. So the conundrum seems to be when is it that the environment has changed to the point where it is necessary to adopt new practices to stay competitive..?


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