Nov 14, 2012

Green City

A tiny pocket city built from scratch next to a crowded urban center could alleviate some of China’s crowding and pollution problems. A Chicago-based architectural firm designed a master plan for the city, which will be built within eight years and host 30,000 families, or roughly 80,000 people.

Great City will cover just 1.3 square kilometers, or 0.5 square miles. This is about 245 football fields of space. That is not a ton of space for 80,000 people. And that’s the idea--everything is supposed to be so close that you can walk anywhere within 15 minutes.

Here’s a breakdown of land use:
Total site: 800 acres
Urbanized area: 320 acres
Buffer zone with natural landscape: 480 acres

Within the urbanized area:
15 percent of land reserved for parks
60 percent for construction of buildings
25 percent for infrastructure, roads and pedestrian streets


  1. That takes a lot of planning!!! WOW!

  2. This is very interesting. we lived for many years in a town that is 2 square miles. We could walk everywhere within 20 minutes. Riding bikes took less time. Grocery, bank, dr, school, library, etc. It was awesome. I didn't own a car and my husband took the bus to work. However, there isn't 80,000 people living there!!! Not even close that number! So the thought of 1/2 square mile with 80,000 makes me wonder about flushing toilets and hot water!!!

  3. I hope they build it using higher standards than they have been...crumbling roads, collapsing bridges.


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