Sep 19, 2012

Talk Like A Pirate Day! Arrrrrgggg :o)

Talk Like A Pirate Day

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We can hardly believe it, but 2012 marks the 10th anniversary of the worldwide celebration of International Talk Like A Pirate Day.

We may have come up with the idea, but it's all of you who keep it going year after year, giving our crazy idea way more than its 15 minutes of fame.

We're hoping for the best September 19th ever - and the fact that it falls midweek means you can celebrate the whole week long if you like! In fact, the first reported Talk Like A Pirate Day parrrrty of 2012 happened on Sept. 12, in Tasmania - and we've heard of festivities carryin' on into October!!) Stay tuned, and subscribe to The Poopdeck, by email or via our RSS feed, for news as it develops! Meanwhile, check out the GooglyMapThing, below, or our calendarrrrr for events near you!

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  1. Ahoy mate. Didna know of the day! I shant be keel hauled, eh?

    From Pennsylvania where there are no pirates, but then is there a place where they ain't?


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