Jun 17, 2012

Post KIT™, Family & Friends II

wafer_happy_fathers_day.jpgFirst, here is wishing the Dad's out there a Happy Father's Day.  With my "Dad's" gone, and for other personal reasons, this is a melancholy holiday for me...

This morning, after a quick workout, we bid adieu to the Langham Huntington Hotel, a fine hotel in a fine town.  We headed a few miles east to the Huntington Library.  We were meeting our nieces Jennifer and Heather, Heather's husband Ray and charming son Liam, and our great friends Kim and Steve.  We had a pleasant day wandering the grounds, visiting the art gallery, and seeing a science exhibit based on many collected books.  Here are a small sample of pictures I took today of this awesome place (desert, lily pads, roses, Japanese Tea Garden); however, I am pretty much blogged out from this trip, so there is little commentary associated with this pictures, just enjoy.  


After about four hours of this, we headed to the Green Street Restaurant for a great meal and lots of visiting.  All in all a pleasant day.  

We will have a great day with Kim and Steve tomorrow visiting the Getty, having a bite to eat, and then retiring to finish our packing for our trip back to Nutwood Junction on Monday.


  1. love the zen garden

    happy father's day


  2. Great day with family and friends! Whew, what a trip. As a Facebook friend said, we need a vacation!

    It will be good to get back home to Sheeba.

    As for Father's Day, although I wish all fathers a happy one, it's not a real happy day for me anymore. :/

  3. Great photos! And I can understand where you are coming from in some respects about Father's Day... my condolences and love goes out to you

  4. Good happy family stuff. Love the pictures Banzai trees always fascinate me. Glad you guys are enjoying the family time. And yes With Dad's being gone, days like this bring back memories!!!

  5. Remembering Dad, on a day like today can make emotions raw. Not to be trite, but a picture is worth a thousand words and yours are priceless. Take care.

  6. What a great day it looks like you all had. California is beautiful. I can't believe it is almost time for you to already go back home. The Getty should be cool!


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