Jun 8, 2012

KIT™ Day 14

Staying at the WigWam was fun, if not a challenge in some ways.  As you can see from the picture, the entrance was a bit small (I only hit my head once this morning while loading the car), the shower was small (the nozzle was at shoulder level), and the air conditioner only had on/off with level control (finally had to turn it down in the early morning hours).  It was wonderful!

Our next stop was Joseph City where what is currently a feed store, used to be know as Hopi Village, then Howdy Hank's and Sitting Bull's. Here are the pictures that show the buildings, a close-up of Howdy Hank (recently restored), and how side of the building showing the caricature of Howdy Hank. 

Just down the road was an abandoned Trading Post. During the 1930's and 1940's, it was known as San Diego Rawson's, but prior to going out of business was Ella's Frontier.  Made me think of my daughter whose middle name is Ella, after my Grandmother...

Here It Is!  How can you go wrong with a giant Jackrabbit, in Jackrabbit, AZ?

We found ourselves standing on a corner in Winslow, AZ...  There were a few places left that felt of the original road.  They did a great job in the main downtown area, having a statue at the corner, and a flatbed Ford as well.  We ate lunch at Bojo's Sports Bar, lots of sports on the wall, but they were TV challenged in several ways. But they had an awesome bean burrito with a green chili sauce, and the cutest mini-pitchers :o)

Next was Two Guns, what used to be a roadside zoo (twice) - note the Mountain Lion sign, a KOA kampground, and a gas station.

Twin Arrows was another "breaking the law" location.  Here you can see Beth opening the door to an abandoned "cafe".  It was a shame to see such an iconic place blocked off and abandoned.

Winoma iron bridge.

San Francisco peaks heading into Flagstaff.  Moisture makes all the difference as we entered the Coconino National Forest.  

We then took a 50 mile side trip to the Montezuma National Monument.  This dwelling was circa 1100 AD, and housed approximately 35 people from a community estimated to be about 200.  In 1951 they stopped tours into the actual cliff, but they have erected an audio simulation.  It was worth the side trip.

We ended up in Flagstaff, AZ.  We tried to check into the Embassy Suites but they were full, so we headed to a local Radisson where they only had one room left, the Presidential Suite.  We took it, and it is over the top, especially for only $35 over a regular rack rate.

Another great day on Route 66 with my best friend...


  1. Great report from the nation's Highway. We have been thrilled to just hit parts of 66, but I do remember the Twin Arrows.
    YES! It is great traveling with your best friend.

    Thanks for another history report!!!

  2. Yes, but shoulder level for you is above most of us's head (grin). This has to be the trip of a lifetime! I'm having a blast living vicariously through you two!

  3. Jeez, you're not supposed to provide photographic evidence of my breaking the law!! hahaha

    A very interesting day, and it was nice to enjoy a little luxury last evening.

    Nobody I'd rather get my kicks with! :)


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