Jun 23, 2012

Mobile EV Charging

Prn16 Aaa Mobile Electric Vehicle Charging 1yhigh

In an effort to reduce range anxiety for owners’ of electric vehicles, AAA announced it will offer mobile charging roadside assistance trucks.

The roadside assistance trucks will be equipped with the capability to provide Level 2 and Level 3 charging for members when their EV’s batteries become discharged. The trucks will be able to provide 10-15 minutes of charge time, which should provide enough juice for the EVs to travel three to 15 miles to a charging station to top off the charge, according to AAA.

Initially AAA will offer the mobile electric vehicle charging trucks in six metropolitan areas across the U.S. Starting this summer AAA will begin testing its pilot program starting with Portland, Oregon; Seattle, Washington; the San Francisco Bay area; Los Angeles; Knoxville, Tennessee; and the Tampa Bay area of Florida.


  1. Amazing what you learn at this Blog site. Thanks.

  2. I think that it is amazing that the rollout for electric vehicles is taking this long... I read about 6 conspiracies that were true, and the one about the auto industry makes me think that they are doing the same thing with EV vehicles.

  3. I think if I was going to enter the EV market, the Volt would be a good transition vehicle-electric for up to 25 miles, then the gas motor for longer trips seems to be a good compromise...I just don't think there are enough charging stations around here unless your at GM headquarters.

  4. What people forget is that there weren't any gas stations when the first gas powered vehicles were made. I have to agree with Big Mark and Mr Mischief. What the auto industry did with the first wave of EV's around 2000 was criminal and until they can charge a battery as fast as they can fill up a tank with gas, hybrids will be the way to go.

  5. And these mobile charging units will be powered by... Diesel Generators? I'm thinking? This whole electric vehicle shenanigan is one huge exercise in false economy as far as I'm concerned. Until the USA can get its electricity generation via burning fossil fuels down to a manageable level, Evs make no sense whatsoever.

  6. Why didn't they think of this before.


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