May 31, 2012

KIT™ Day 6

Today was an interesting day.  We knew we only had approximately 100 miles to travel (actually it was more like 150, but we did just fine), and it was planned that way since we knew we would have a late night with Laurel.

We got in our workouts (there was no air-conditioning in the workout room, so Beth had an abbreviated one), had a spot-o-breakfast at the Marriot, and then headed out to get some local pictures in Tulsa.  

We headed down to the start of the Tulsa Route on 11th street to let Beth get some googie pictures, and that was a major theme of the day (I took 22 pictures, Beth took over 80 :o).  Based on our discussions with Laurel and Ron, we knew that Tulsa was the Art Deco Architectural City of the USA, so we did some driving around to confirm that, and we have to agree that they earned their chops! Loved the Blue Dome and the Dust Bowl-ing alley :o)  

We then headed out of town, but first had to fill up, because Tulsa has some of the lowest gas prices in the nation (that's right, we filled up for $3.14!!!)

Next it was on to Sapulpa, and my first near miss of the Route 66 driving experience.  We had stopped to get a googie picture, and I was turning across traffic, but there was a sign obstructing my view, so when I pulled out there was a pickup barreling down on us --- luckily the Chrysler 300 has some get-up-and-go, and when I punched it we just missed getting clipped (the rear tires have a bit less rubber on them).  Lesson learned...

After our adrenaline rush, we headed toward Sapulpa and a spur that was part of the Ozark Trail.  The bridge pictured here was built in 1921 and used through 1952.  On the same spur was an abandoned Drive In, sad but at least they are growing hay in the open spaces.

Next up was Stroud, the beginning of the Sac and Fox Nation Reservation.  We could not tell what parts were part of the reservation, but I plan on paying closer attention to this as we move  through our trip (I am 1/8 Osage, so this really resonates with me).  

Just outside Stroud was a short spur with the Shoe Tree.  I think it needs a few more pairs.  We then did another spur of the Ozark Trail and spotted this Obelisk at one of the junctions.  I loved this picture because you can see the landscape that we have been traveling through.

As we continued on, we had another side trip through Depew.  Depew had the original road through downtown from 1926 through 1933, but then a new stretch was constructed, and Depew was Bypassed.  The cool thing is that this may be only town with the original Mother Road going through the main downtown street -- it was like looking at a time capsule.  The bank at the left of the picture is dated from 1910, and at the end of the road is a vintage building that may become an artist center.

As we proceeded on our sojourn for the day, we passed through Davenport (an under-utilized word, just say'n) and the Early Bird Diner.  They did a nice job on the restoration.

When we are traveling the route, we do not stop at every historical building.  However, outside Arcadia, we stopped at an old stone service station.  It was worth the stop, it was built in the early teens or 1920's.  There was not electricity in the area at the time, and they used barrels and pumps for the gas and drums with spigots for the engine oil.  The owners then had the opportunity to get into some counterfeiting, and they built an addition accessible from a back window.  Printing a sheet of bills was a 2-3 day ordeal since it took about 24 hours to dry a sheet, and you needed to print front and back separately.  After they got caught, the station was closed and never reopened.

Our last stop was with Mr. John Hargrove (this was after we did the only spur in Oklahoma that showed original Portland Cement and subsequently paved road on the same stretch of road).  Our first pass through this area showed that Hargrove's driveway gate was closed, but as we were driving, we saw a Model T pass us.  After we finished the short spur, we got back on the Route and found the Hargrove gate open.  We did a U-Turn and headed up to talk to another recent icon of the road.  The official designation is "Oklahoma County 66 Auto Trim and Mini Museum",  and his place is amazing for only 10 years worth of effort.  His vehicles are awesome and his museum and replicas are beyond reproach.  We loved the Volkswagen through the second floor wall, you could sit in the seats, and see out the window.

Shortly after leaving Hargrove's, as I got the car up to cruising speed, I saw a local police cruiser pass us and as I watched through the rear-view mirror, I said to Beth that he as going to come after me.  After five minutes, he pulled up behind us and put his bubble lights on.  He turned out to be a really good guy, gave me a warning for doing 64 in a 45 (drat, I have been so careful to obey all the speed limits), and gave me a warning that was a non-warning because his computer/printer jammed.  This was in Edmond, so I say to Edmond police, you are real "troopers" and thanks for being understanding. [Aside... being respectful to our law enforcement is only a plus, and this time it served me well]

We then drove for another 30 minutes, and based on pending storms, found a place to hang our hat, and wind things down [but here it is again 1240, so no early to bed for me].

A bad driving day, but a great day with my wife and best friend, and seeing some more of our great country and meeting nice folks.


  1. A good day despite the occasional bad thing, and holy moley, it's 1 AM already??

  2. First off let me say you have taken some AWESOME photos highlighting points of interest along the way. I LOVE the Blue Dome. Did not realize Tulsa was the Art Deco Architectural City of the USA???? Will have to read more about this, now that you brought it up. Such a shame about the DRIVE IN. We have a couple near us still showing movies in the summer. Depew sounds familar to me??? We may have stopped there back in the 60's on our trip to California. Had to chuckle about the DAVENPORT remark. 'Tis true. What a neat story about the counterfeiting in Arcadia. And that VW is very cool. As for the near miss and cops. You got to 1am. No harm done. HOPE tomorrow brings another edition of KIT. Take care.

  3. I feel like I should pay you and Beth for giving us this Travelogue History Tour of the US.
    I didn't say I "would" I said I "feel" like I should.
    But I'll keep reading.

  4. WOW, again enjoyed the trip, but, BUT... The last sentence says it all. I love that attitude and happy you guys are enjoying this trip and allowing us to come along. (The pictures are great!)


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