May 22, 2012

Blueseed Startups

When startup Blueseed floated the idea to create a seaborne startup community in international waters off the coast of northern California, we were intrigued. We weren’t the only ones. A new report released by the company says it has 133 tech startups on board to move their operations offshore when the ship launches next year.

The idea here is to create a startup-only environment in international waters--a place that requires no visa to visit or work--that will draw the best technology minds and ideas from around the world. Daily ferries will move people between Blueseed’s floating base and venture-capital-rich Silicon Valley, just a dozen miles away. That means Blueseed could accept daily commuters, but that startups are also able to permanently set up shop in the floating city, housing employees there as well.

The startup-centric culture seems to be a big draw, and upstart technology ventures are lining up to shell out the roughly $1,600 per month it costs for a single occupancy living space (this includes workspace as well). More well-endowed residents can get a top-tier single occupancy cabin for twice that. Blueseed’s floating startup city is slated for launch by third quarter of 2013.


  1. As good as this sounds, it also conjures up images of the rich living it up at sea after they have stripped the land of viability and made it unlivable... so I guess I better develop a tech start-up and move out to sea!

  2. $1600 is not bad at all considering the alternative of renting space in Silicon Valley.
    This is too cool! Such ingenuity. You know this must have come about as a bunch of youngsters sat around stoned trying to figure out how to deal with regulations. Who can blame them?
    I figure it won't take the Feds too long to figure out how to control them and levy taxes.

  3. What a neat trick. Again, I never heard of Bluesee! But then I live under a rock, I enjoy learning, even at this late age. I tend to follow Rubye jack's line in the comment above. I like it.

  4. I just noticed I left the 'd' off Blueseed! Making it like the Holysee!

  5. It's a very interesting idea but I think Big Mark is right. I googled them and they have lots of pretty concept pics but really all they are doing (I think) is refurbishing a cruise ship and docking it 15 miles out. Cruise ships can have 1,700 to 3,100 passengers not including crew and provide all that is needed to run a floating office building.


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