May 16, 2012

Feel The Power

Tidal power is one of the renewable energy sources that you hear the least about even though its potential for generating electricity is vast.

The Maine Tidal Energy Project started construction of the bottom support frame for Ocean Renewable Power Company's TidGen turbine generator system in March. The project's first phase will see five of those generators deployed in the Gulf of Maine with a capacity of 900 kW. That phase should be online by October.

The complete project will reach a capacity of 4 MW and already has 20-year power purchase agreements with Bangor Hydro, CMP and Maine Public Service.

The TidGen system consists of slowly rotating foils that power a permanent magnet generator at its center. It is gearless and made from composite materials that won't corrode underwater.

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  1. I like this. When we visited the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia with a 50-70 feet tide, I wondered why someone could not dream of using that massive power. Good stuff, Thanks


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