May 6, 2012

Bucko's Sunday Journey

Mile 1: So glad that I decided to go for a jog instead of doing the home gym routine.  My elbow is sore and needs a break from weights.

Mile 2: Everything is so green, the flowers are blooming, what a beautiful spring day.

Mile 3: Glad I got the lawn mowed yesterday, seeing these other mowed lawns, it looks so nice compared to the ones that are overgrown.

Mile 4: I am amazed at the amount of litter along the roads, at least 50% of it are beer cans/bottles.  Really, can't wait until you get home?  Shameful.

Mile 5: Images of our dinner tonight (steak on the barbie, grilled sweet corn, salad with blue cheese lite, and a fine 2005 Cabernet) urge me on a greater distance.

Mile 6: My feet are telling me that there will be "tiny bubbles" in my future.

Mile 7: My mouth is a dry as being at the dentist, with cotton swabbing in all my cheeks, ready for some diabolical procedure.

Mile 7.5: Depressing to look down and see caterpillars and snails passing me in the grass...

Mile 7.75: The "I think I can" mantra changes to "I knew I could"

Mile 8: Sitting on the deck, looking over Nutwood, drinking some awesome well water. 12.25 minute miles, no timing or style points, but I can deal.

Thanks for joining me on my journey.


  1. My jogging NEVER made it that far!!!! Good on you!

  2. Great job! And yes, the meal was mighty tasty!


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