Jan 2, 2012

Waste Not Want Not!

Most communities in the U.S. treat their wastewater just enough to legally dump it, but not reuse it. Pasteurization Technology Group has developed an inexpensive treatment system that yields water clean enough to be returned to aquifers. Instead of using chlorine, the system pasteurizes wastewater by heating it to 180ºF. The warmth comes from the waste heat of a nearby electricity generator running on either natural gas or biogas produced by an associated sewage digester. A PTG water plant opening next year in California expects to make a $160,000 annual profit by selling its extra biogas-generated electricity. Even if the turbine is fueled with natural gas, the pasteurization is energy-efficient enough to be about half the cost of chlorine treatment.


  1. That is good news! Maybe this idea will catch fire and the world won't look like the one in the movie 'Wall-e'..!

  2. I hope we don't have to drink it.. how do they get the taste out of it?

  3. This is great news.

    HOwever we were in Idaho last year and visited the 1st Nuclear plant. The original unit outside, It l;ooked a lot like this unit, I thought that was your entry subject.

    Good deal to be able to inexpensively clean our water, our life line on Planet Earth.

  4. I wish we had one of those here. Our drinking water is such that no one drinks it. The plastic bottled water is the lesser of two evils here.

  5. Innovative. But will townships and municipalities bite?


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