Jan 19, 2012

Time for Time?

François Mitterrand used to say. "Give time for time." The notion being that you need to make time in order to appreciate the ultimate gift we have been given: time on this earth. Every day, we make conscious and less conscious choices on time allocation.

Most of us will spend more than one-third of our lives and more than half of our waking adult hours in our workplaces. A natural concern, and one worthy of a New Year's reflection and resolution, is how can we be better, more honest and more efficient with that time. Here are five gut-check questions to see if you are making the greatest impact with your work time:

1. Are you working towards a purpose?

2. Are you running hard, but not getting ahead?

3. Have you done a calendar audit lately?
Do you have a real sense of where you spend your time?

4. Are you booking sufficient think time? For most meetings there is at least a 1:2 ratio of prep time to meeting time, and it can go upwards of 20:1. If a meeting is an hour you probably need 30 minutes to prepare. For critical meetings you may need 20 hours of preparation for each hour.

5. Are you multi-tasking your way to lower productivity?
Focus on the task at hand when you have scheduled the time to do so.



  1. Love the Salvador Dali clocks. Time is indeed a PRECIOUS commodity. Too much of it is wasted.

  2. François said a mouth full. Some of the questins are even good for retirees. I still like to make good use of time.

    There are times I do it better than others. I prefer to sleep until at least 9am, mama thinks that is a waste, but it is not, I am loading fuel for the day!!!

    I always enjoy 'Bucko's World'.

  3. It seems I spend way too much of my time thinking about time, and would love to get away from that. Being retired helps.


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