Jan 12, 2012

Can We Learn From Political Campaigns?

Here are five lessons from political campaigns that every business can learn from.

Find the New Voter/Consumer. Focus on new demographics, new passion, new trends.

Use new Disruptive Technology. First TV, now social networks.  What will be next?

Make it a Choice, not a referendum on you. There is always an alternative, so find your opponent's weakness and go on the offensive.

Correct misperceptions. Communicating the facts. When the numbers come back that people are buying the opposition story, it is invariably time to set the record straight hard and fast.

Tell people what you're going to do and keep your promise.



  1. I just wish they'd do that last one.

  2. Ditto with Bo's comment and all of yours.

  3. I have to ditto also. That was my comment for sure. We are late and the net is not cooperative tonight for some reason.
    Hope this posts......


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