Jan 6, 2012

Coaching Checklist

Here’s a quick checklist for you to use to ensure you “cover all the bases” in your coaching sessions, after all, it is that performance review time of year.

  • As the coach, have you clearly stated the objectives of the initial coaching session and checked understanding by both parties?
  • Has the employee participated in defining the nature of the problem or an opportunity for growth?
  • Has the employee’s perception about the performance problem or opportunities for improvement received full consideration?
  • Is the employee involved in researching his or her own options for how to take advantage of an opportunity or solve the problem?
  • Has the employee helped to determine his or her own learning goals and the appropriate activities to support the achievement of those goals?
  • Has a clear process been set up to carry out the coaching activities and to measure progress along the way?
  • As a coach, have you asked for feedback regarding the effectiveness of the coaching process?


  1. This philosophy is right in my wheelhouse!

  2. It is amazing how many folk go thru an intro session and leave not truly understanding what was said, and exactly what to expect.

    OH, the picture reminds me of a friend who used to post on the 'ancient' SAC display board for the generals to see & ID aircraft, he had learned to write backwards very well and fast. HA!


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