Mar 14, 2011

Science Scene - EV Charging in Windy City

The Midwest will now have an electric vehicle hub in Chicago.  The city will be home to 280 charging stations built by utility company Exelon by the end of the year.

The charging stations will be located at shopping malls, both of the city's airports, rest stops along the Illinois Tollway and other various locations, and two will even be solar powered.

Chicago currently ranks in the top ten cities for hybrid owners, so the city is preparing for the roll out of plug-in hybrids and all-electric vehicles over the next few years.  With 280 charging stations, it's residents will have plenty of places to fill up their batteries.  Until that influx of plug-in cars makes its way into the city though, the fleet of Chicago utility ComEd will use the charging stations.



  1. Yet another reason to love Chicago!

  2. I used to live in Chicago. Love that place. Good for them leading the charge.


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