Mar 22, 2011

Evening Report

Here is a link to the latest information on the nuclear situation in Japan.

Evening Report


  1. Hoping for a good, or the best outcome that is possible under the circumstances. It has got to be a life and death situation for the ones close at hand with the radiation leaks. Hopefully people will be removed far away before the dose it too high!

  2. Just curious as to your thoughts whether the Japanese are downplaying this or not. Seems CNN folks think they have been. At least when I have watched it, there has been some concern that the US would have taken more precautions and concern.

  3. Dear Ken,
    hi! Thanks for publishing this. We have a neighbor who is half Japanese and half French...he says that the nuclear plants should have been elevated on a higher platform and thqt the generator should have been elevated too...
    Don't you think that Americans plan for problems more in general...


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