Mar 12, 2011

The Other White Meat?

After more than two decades of being known as "The Other White Meat," the old pork motto is headed for the proverbial smokehouse. The National Pork Board unveiled a new slogan -- "Pork: Be Inspired" -- and a new $11 million ad campaign that will launch this spring.

The new campaign will launch in March and April with print, TV and social media ads. But no further details were released.



  1. "Pork: Be Inspired" is an $11 million campaign?

    I'm in the wrong business.

  2. Is that somehow related to the political situation. In Congress, the financial misconduct is called "pork" and the sexual misconduct we might call "porking". Are we to be "inspired" by that? If that cost 11 million, I want a piece of that pork! :)

  3. Pork: Be Inspired ...?!? I guess the proof will be in the tasting, as they say, but that slogan seems like a stretch. Then, again, who am I to judge ... after reading reams of nutritional research, I hardly eat meat anymore. Turns out that meat and dairy isn't as healthy as they told us in school years ago, and that the old "food pyramid" calling for us to eat massive amounts of meat and dairy was subsidized by the meat and dairy industry. Try reading "The China Study" ... it might "inspire" you more than pork.


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