Mar 20, 2010

Tailgating With Dad

It has been an emotionally draining two days.  Yesterday and today, we laid Beth's Dad to rest.  Being from a small family, seeing all of the extended family was amazing.  I am very lucky to have been accepted as part of this family.

Over the past week, I have pondered how you take measure of a man.  It is not his height, nor the length of his inseam, but the size of his heart and the lives that he has touched.  Based on what I have personally experienced, and on what I have seen and heard the last two days, Ezra Feece, Junior to those who knew him, was a giant of a man. 

When we were at dinner after the viewing last night, I was sharing with our nieces Jennifer and Heather, that Junior was only the second man that I had ever embraced as "Dad".  I said goodbye to my Dad in 1990, and did so again today.  I think the thing that I will miss the most is his smile, it was never absent, and I am convinced that it emanated from his heart. 

Love You and Miss You Dad.