Mar 5, 2010


Located on Pennsylvania Avenue, an new giant morphs the landscape, proclaiming the five freedoms of the First Amendment; speech, press, religion, assembly, petition.

The 250,000 square-foot facility covers five centuries of news history within its seven levels.  The building includes 15 theaters and 14 major galleries of permanent exhibits in addition to its temporary displays.

I came across this via my Illinois Alumni magazine as both the CEO and Executive Director are both UofI graduates.

Click on the picture to enlarge and read the inscription on the building.

I think this would be an awesome place to visit.  For details, click the Newseum link.


  1. i would so go there and like disappear for a week!


  2. 'Five centuries of news history'... sounds pretty impressive to me. Would defintely like to visit.

  3. I will have to go and check it out... sounds very interesting.

  4. I hope you will get to the area to visit this amazing place. I haven't been to the Newseum's current location, and there's no excuse since I live in Northern Virginia, but I do know that it is the kind of place history and/or news media buffs can lose themselves in for hours on end. When my grandson was growing up, he and I made the Newseum an annual excursion during his summertime visits, and we both looked forward to these trips. The Newseum provided (and still does, I'm sure) the means for kids (of all ages) to appear on camera with a teleprompted script pretending to be a White House correspondent or a weatherperson or any number of other TV-media jobs, and then could purchase the videotape for a nominal fee. I have two of his!

    It's absolutely wonderful, covering major historical events from all eras. Fascinating for adults (maybe especially we who've been around a few decades) and great for kids, particularly those already intrigued by history and various genres of media. My grandson's first trip when it was located in Crystal City was at the age of 7, and he loved it enough to want to go back the next year, even with all the other things to do here...and we did 'em all!

    Wear your comfortable shoes!

  5. I'd love to visit the Newseum. I do wonder, though, what year they would choose as the cutoff date for "news" and the start date for "features- and-opinions-that-masquerade-as-news." They can't just ignore the fact that news as it was defined in my high school journalism class is almost impossible to locate in 2010.

  6. I agree, I think you could get lost there...for at least for a couple weeks! I hadn't heard of this place yet, thanks for sharing Bucko.

  7. Yes, I've read about this and think it sounds really interesting.

  8. I saw this the other day. What an amazing facility!


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