Mar 11, 2010

Science Scene - SOcket :o)

The Soccket Ball is a pretty simple idea. It puts an inductive coil system, like the ones seen in those addicting, shaky flashlights, inside a soccer ball. The ball is going to be flying and tumbling about anyway, so why not capture all that energy and make a little electricity?

The ball offers up 3 hours of electricity for an LED light for every 15 minutes played.

It is designed to help people have quick, reliable access to electricity for simple things like lighting their homes.

The ball started as a Harvard University project undertaken by four female students.

The Soccket Ball is not yet available and is still in the prototype stages.

For the original site, click here


  1. Interesting concept. What will someone think of next?

  2. So, I'll have to kick a ball around the house in order to read?

    Might be fun.

  3. It seems like kinetic energy harvesters are the next wave of personal clean energy tech. There are many concepts out there. I just saw one that was a kids toy and it acts as a night light at night, via an LED, as long as it is charged.


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