Mar 29, 2010

Are You Doing What You Set Out To Do?

On the day before the vote for health care reform, President Obama made his final argument for passage before the Democratic members of congress.  He spoke to the Representatives about why he and they had become politicians, and why they had become Democrats.   He talked about all the town meetings and compromises, the long hours, and the time spent away from thier families. 

Whether you agree with the Health Care Reform bill or not, I think the following quote from our President to members of congress is powerful and shows his passion for his job:

"And maybe there have been times where you asked yourself, Why did I ever get involved in politics in the first place?...But you know what?  Every once in a while, you have a chance to vindicate all those best hopes you had about yourself...And this is one of those moments.  This is one of those times where you can honestly say to yourself, Doggone it, this is exactly why I came here."

I found this a very power full quote.  How about you?