Dec 12, 2012

Want to Play Catch?

My brother used to work for Disney Animatronics, so I knew they worked on things like this.  And if you have ever been to a Disney theme park, then you know that they are a leader and innovator in this area.

Having said that, this is cool to share.  Disney researchers invented a humanoid animatron that plays a lifelike game of catch.

They used an external camera system to track the balls and an algorithm to predict where and when the ball would fall. When the robot misses a catch, it looks back or down at where the ball fell, shrugs, or shakes its head. This guy was designed for theme parks, but one day it will be playing catch with our children and fetch with our dogs. Next they should program it to make dad jokes.


  1. Stepford Wives.

    'Nuff said.

  2. I gotta say you come up with some dillies. Love this. I will be looking for a wandering Robot later today when we settle near DisneyWorld at Orlando. Neat.. I know you want one!!

  3. ... eerie if you ask me... I hope I will be long gone before Skynet boots itself up..! :0)


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