Dec 29, 2012

Science of Beer

How to make beer infographic, 1933
I treated myself to my first beer making kit, but I do not think I will give it a try until the weather is warmer, there appears to be a lot of cooking involved and I have heard that it may have a slightly overwhelming aroma.  This will be a good spring/summer project.  

InfoGraphic from Popular Science


  1. We don't make wine in the winter either for that same reason, plus it has to be a certain temp to ferment. I guess the same is true with the beer. Hope you have a great weekend and Happy New Year!

  2. Sounds like a great project... looking forward to quaffing a few of bottles of your home brew in the future..!

  3. tony got a beer kit too, and we had a field trip yesterday to a brewing store- lots of fun stuff! they had all kinds of all-inclusive kits plus you could buy your grains/hops straight up in bulk.

    not sure when we'll start- we keep the house colder than the optimal brew temps, the dude at the store said once we get the mash (or whatever it's called for beer, i think that's the whiskey term) to the right temp to start fermenting, if the house is cooler it will just take longer to finish the process.


  4. I am sure you will have a great time brewing. We have a friend that brews and he tries all kinds of additions with great success. Be creative and enjoy the crop! Good luck with it. Happy New Year.

  5. Good project. We will look forward to the reported results. I never tried beer or wine, always wanted to.
    Sending good thoughts from a CROWDED ORLANDO...


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