Jul 28, 2012


Oscar Pistorius is a sprinter, sure, but he's also basically a professional world's-firster. Last year he became the world's first amputee to run in the World Championships, and Pistorius, whose legs were both amputated below the knee at less than a year old, will become the first amputee to run in the Olympic Games this summer in London. (He'll also be competing in the Paralympic Games--another world's first.)

Pistorius will be competing for his native South Africa in both the 400m sprint and the 4x400m relay, after a grueling qualification year in which his times hovered right around the 45.3-second mark, the qualifying line.


  1. i love seeing things like this!

    i wish there was a box for 'inspiring'


  2. Definitely one of the amazing stories coming out of this Olympics!

  3. This is definitely one of the WOW times in life.

  4. I agree with Mrs. Miss... this is a never say never-ever kind of guy!! Especially for him to still be as competitive as he is on the world stage!!


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