Jul 16, 2012


Already demolishing the standing world record more than twice over, a massive human-powered quadrotor designed by students at the University of Maryland is poised to make aviation history today. The Gamera II helicopter is shooting for the Sikorsky Prize, one of aviation’s last great challenges, by hovering for one full minute under human power only. Their first attempt lasted 35 seconds!

Last year, UMD students set a new record for a human-powered hover that lasted 11.4 seconds. This year’s design is 30 percent lighter and is projected to hover for at least 60 seconds, which is one of the Sikorsky Prize requirements. The aircraft also has to stay within a small area and reach 9.8 feet (3 meters) in altitude.


  1. Awesome! It won't be much longer until we will be getting around like in the Jetson cartoons!! Not only that, it would make people become healthier if they had to provide the engine to their machines!!

  2. How were they powering it? I really couldn't tell from the video.

  3. do they have to have skinny student fly it?


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