Jul 2, 2012

The "F" Word!

In Silicon Valley, there's an "F word" that entrepreneurs say in polite company all the time: failure.

FAILUREFor every high-tech business success, there are countless failures in this California cradle of Internet startups. Here failure is accepted, or even welcomed, as a guide for future success.

In fact, failure is dissected in San Francisco at FailCon, an annual one-day conference where tech entrepreneurs and investors spill their guts and share lessons learned.

On the importance of fearing failure (Joe Kraus, Google Ventures): "In my mind, the ones who have no fear of failure are merely the dreamers, and the dreamers don't build great companies. The people that thread the line between vision and being able to execute and having this healthy fear of failing that drives them — not paralyzes them, but drives them — to be more persistent, to work harder than the next person, that's a magic formula."


  1. If you do NOT fail, you can NOT succeed. It is really that simple.

  2. I believe the axiom, If you have not failed, you have not tried.

  3. By process of elimination, with every failure you are that much closer to a great realization!


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