Sep 24, 2011

Where does you electricity dollar go???

For just $1 of electricity, the average customer can:

  • Brew over 800 cups of coffee (900-watt 10-cup coffee maker)
  • Keep a Compact Florescent Light (CFL) on for over 450 hours (27-watt CFL)
  • Wash around 25 loads of laundry (500-watt washer)
  • Spend about 40 hours on their computer (300-watt desktop computer and monitor)
  • Play over 200 of their favorite two hour movies (30-watt DVD player)


  1. LOL@ Miss Ginger..!

    I think that if people understood how much they could save in converting to inexpensive advanced technologies then more would do so. But I think that many are put off by the initial start up cost of implementation and don't realize that they would recoup their investment PLUS within a year...

  2. AMAZING. I had no idea. But Miss Ginger has a point.

  3. WEll I sure feel better. LOL

    Great to be back and touch base with Bucko's World. Sailed and ate for 7 days!!!

    Take care


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