Sep 28, 2011

Kindle Fire!

Love this, will most likely wait until after the initial release (you can pre-order, but does not ship until 11/15).  There will most likely be tweaks and Android OS updates.  I see spring purchase.

Go Here for full PopSci review.


  1. It is definitely not my old Kindle. I like the looks of it. I have 6 books on the Kindle, but watching the previews and with my poor hearing it seemed it was more movie orientated. But I liked what I saw!
    Neat name: Kindle Fire!

  2. ... another neat gadget that I prolly won't be getting..! Good luck to you in getting yours in the spring... if I were going to purchase a Kindle, I'd start with an older version first anywho...

  3. I believe I will take this opportunity to pick up the original Kindle at discount pricing.

  4. Makes me sorry I bought a XOOM back in May.

  5. Be sure to give us the full scoop if you buy one! I'm fascinated by them.


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