Sep 29, 2011

Philosophical Phun - Philosopy Redux!

Philosophy is a framework. This means that philosophy is an approach to questions rather than a bunch of answers to the questions themselves. Logic, a sub-discipline in philosophy, gives us a way to frame ideas so we talk about things more orderly. Philosophy can help get us nearer to what is true about the world.

  • Epistemology – this is the study of the scope, limits, and possibility of knowledge.
  • Metaphysics –  the study of the structure of the world.
  • Philosophy of Mind – here we attempt to look at what it means to say something has a mind.
  • Ethics – ethicists study the nature of the good and how humans should live based on how the good is defined.
  • Philosophy of Religion – philosophers in this discipline attempt to tackle questions like, “does God exist?,” “is there life after death?,” “is any religion true?” and “how can we believe in a good God with so much evil in the world?”
  • Logic – Logicians study arguments and the relationship between ideas.


  1. Doesn't philosophy of religion fall under metaphysics?

  2. Whoa. I had a completely different definition of metaphysics...

  3. I don't care, but He is thinking in the pose, where did I leave my clothes!!!
    Epistemology, not exactly what I would have guessed it meant!!! LOL
    Thanks for an interesting bit of reading!!

  4. Thanks for providing me with a static outline for me to fill in when it comes to describing my own thinking...


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